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Elf on the Shelf - Ideas (IBOT)

by sarah 17. November 2015 14:28


With December fast approaching I have been going through Elfie's adventures last year.

When Our Elf arrived we told it simple, No messy games, with four kids I didn't have time for mess, and Elfie would not have time to set up huge cheeky adventures in our house.


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Below I have included photos of 13 adventures our Elfie had, most of them took Elfie only moments to set up. At the most they cost Elfie less than $5, (except the books).


Elfie decided he needed some morning exercise.


Elfie and Woody had a Tea Party.


Elfie was found hiding in the kitchen in a jar.


Elfie and his chocolate friends had a chat 

(kids really like this one)



Elfie and Giggleosauras decided to eat our gingerbread house.

Elfie came with stickers, and used them too.


On the first day, Elfie came with some seeds, for the children to plant.

The next morning, they had grown into Candy canes.




Elfie came with some gorgeous Christmas books for all the kids.

Elfie decided to visit the farm.


Elfie was caught talking to Santa.

 Elfie reminding the children of their chores for the day.

Elfie was caught playing in the Christmas tree


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Awesome Thermomix Playdough recipe

by sarah 29. June 2015 16:18

My Kids love Playdough, and also love mixing the Colours together, after initially purchasing Playdough I decided it was time to start making my own Playdough



Rock Salt 1/2 cup

Water 1 Cup

Cream of tarter 2 Tablespoons


1 Cup plain flour

20 ml Olive oil


Food Coloring 


Mix water, rock salt and cream of tarter on stove until simmer (Salt dissolves)

Add in Flour and oil and stir over heat until dough is pliable

 Cut in Four sections and Colour as desired 



 Then have fun



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Why Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for.

by sarah 4. May 2014 15:35

As a busy mum of four I have been known to turn the TV on to ABC for my daughter to watch Peppa Pig, to allow me to cook / eat / think about food.

You might even find an episode (or 12) on my iPhone and iPad.

 Peppa Pig at times has been my saviour as my 21 month old has an almost obsessive fascination with Peppa Pig.

She went through a stage where she wouldn't sit in the bath until a Peppa Pig non slip bath mat saved the day.

Want her to sit at a table so you can drink your hot chocolate - no drama pull out the Peppa Pig Mini Sketch Book Set and you can drink in peace.


She wouldn't eat lunch - problem solved with a Peppa Pig Table 3 piece set with matching Peppa pig cutlery.

 so don't get me wrong we love Peppa Pig in this house, but it comes with a price.

Any mum who has let their child watch the Peppa Pig episode Bubbles would agree.

 Now we don't drink milkshakes - we watch with fascination as the milk overflows out the cup as we blow bubbles.

 Now a puddle is not something we tread carefully around, it's an opportunity to splash and cover ourselves and any unsuspecting sibling in cold muddy water.




But her ultimate favourite the raspberry, and whilst Peppa Pig blows a raspberry with her mouth into the air, we must one up Peppa Pig, no our Raspberries are wet, they are cheeky and they are on any exposed skin that she may find.

 So my five minutes of peace comes with a price, one I am willing to pay


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