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Nightlights - what type suits you best.

by sarah 16. April 2016 10:05

Nightlights are great to comfort children who are scared of the dark. Nightlights are great for parents to see their little ones in the middle of the night, but how do you choose the best nightlight for you? With so many different types it can get confusing but at Bubsandbeans we are here to help.

We have a huge range of nightlights from Portable ones you can take with you everywhere, projection one that make bring the stars inside to soft toys that light up.

Nightlights are great for late night nappy changes, creating a soft enough glow for you to change your babies nappy without waking them up, a nightlight allows your child to locate their comforter, dummy or blanket in the middle of the night without you having to come get them.

With so many different types available how do you choose the best one for your child?

Plug in the wall nightlights

These nightlights plug straight into the wall, it means there is ready access to power no need for Batteries, messy cords.


Soft toy nightlights

Soft toy nightlights are a gentle soft way to soothe your little one to sleep. The soft glow helps your child to sleep, some even sing nursery rhymes like twinkle, twinkle, or other songs to soothe them to sleep.


Portable Nightlights

Portable nightlights are a great solution for a nursery as there are no messy cords for you to worry about. They are portable so they can sit anywhere in the room. They are great to take on holidays. Portable nightlights come as two types either battery powered, or USB charged.



Projection nightlights

As the name implies, projection nightlights project an image onto a surface in the child’s room, these can be stars, images sometimes they are combined with music and nature sounds. 



If you want a nightlight that will grow with your child long after they ‘need’ a nightlight you could go with a stylish lamp. The best thing about Lamps are there brightness depends on what lightbulb you put in it.


LED nightlights

LED nightlights are a great low energy solution for a nightlight. They are a practical safe solution. Safe low voltage. They can either be portable LED that run off batteries, or others use Mains power, so no need for batteries.

Lightstax Blocks

Want a fun way to help your children sleep at night. Lightstax blocks are duplo sized blocks that light up when connected to the base or touch each other, they are either battery or USB powered.

Lightstax blocks are a great way for children to design their own nightlights.

 To see our huge range of nightlights


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10 Baby shower gift ideas - under $50

by sarah 20. June 2015 21:52

Heading to a Baby Shower and not sure what to get? Here is our top ten Baby Shower gifts. Not in any particular order :-)

1 - The pregnancy book for men - $23.95

The perfect Baby shower gift as its for the Dad's Its a prenatal book that is packed with information realistic but not to scary information

Whilst it is filled with wise advise, it takes a humorous approach to it making it a book that Dad's to be will actually read.


 2 - Organic cotton wrap - buster boo $39.95

Our Organic wraps are handmade in Australia, from high quality 100% GOTS certified Organic Jersey cotton. With gorgeous modern designs.  

These wraps are perfect for babies to snuggle into for comfort or tucked into the pram, bassinet or car-seat.



3 - Sophie the giraffe - $26.95

 Sophie Born in Paris in 1961, has been a favourite teether for children the world over for over 50 Years. The perfect Baby shower gift. I'ts  a 100% Natural Rubber Teething toy -derived from Hevea Tree Sap.



4- Headband Giftset - $39.95

 Perfect Giftset for a little princess

Includes 10 gorgeous headbands, all packaged in a gorgeous Suitcase


5- Age Block set - $26.95 

Your friend will be able to record your babies age in Days, Weeks, Months or years with our gorgeous range of Age blocks, available in either Blue or Pink colours.



6 - Nesting suitcases- From $15

Sweet kids nesting suitcase sets, they can be purchased individually or in sets of 3 or 4 Perfect for decorating nursery, for storing toys and other items.



7 - Money box set - first curl, first teeth

 These gorgeous moneybox will be a keepsake for years to come.

Comes with a couple of gorgeous little boxes to keep bubs first teeth and first curl



8 - Nursing Covers

Our nursing covers are the perfect gift for mums to be that are aiming to breastfeed. We have a huge range of nursing covers and scarves, in designs to suit anyone's taste.

Nursing covers are a great way to provide full coverage, whilst still allowing full eye contact with the new bub.



 9 - Galaxy star projector and Sound Machine

Your friend will love to Turn their child's nursery and bedroom into a magical galaxy of twinkling stars, all whilst listening to their  favourite sounds of nature



10- mum2mum dreamswaddle - $36.95

Gorgeous 100% cotton swaddle, is totally fitted and adjustable and makes swaddling a new bub easy. It has a unique double wrap system to ensure bub stays secure all night, and the double ended zip at the front makes for easy nappy changes.


















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