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Legoland - California - How to make sure "Everything is awesome"

by sarah 12. August 2015 10:41

My children had an awesome time at LEGOLAND but compared to even our theme-parks back home I still felt that I was left wanting. 

If I had of spent a little more time preorganising the day I would have got so much more out of it.

So based on my day I have put together 5 ways to make sure "Everything is awesome" on your trip to Legoland

* To get the most of your day - Buy your tickets online

It took us over an hour to purchase our tickets at the gate, Now in it's defence the computers went down before we got their so we they had do everything manually, however the line was not huge and it took us over an hour and we were only lined up behind 5 families. This hour wait meant that we where very rushed in our visit as we only had the day there and needed to be leaving by 3pm.

 *To get the most of your trip book a VIP experience so you don't have to line up for the rides, our use the reserve and ride where you can reserve your time on the ride.

 The wait times for the rides where quite long when we where there so our children decided on one ride and we spent more time looking around the exhibits.

*Some of the rides cost extra money

At legoland their a quite a few attractions and rides that cost extra money, make sure you do your research, unless you want to be hit up with lots of additonal charges. 

*Bring your bathers - You might get wet :-) 

Even if you don't want to go into the water park their is actually a lot of water play areas in the main park. The ride "Pirate Reef" you can access from both the water park and legoland and you get totally saturated, their are lots of great fun attractions in Pirateshores that are great fun and also very wet.

*Bring a camera

 There are some fantastic opportunities for photos, and whilst you can purchase them there, save your money and take your own photos. 


With LEGOLAND there is a lot of awesome exhibits, Star wars, Miniland USA, the set of the Lego movie, heartlake city, pirate shores. castle hill and so much more. 

Well worth a visit you just need to make sure you are organised to enjoy it
















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