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by sarah 7. August 2015 10:05


As soon as these arrived and were taken out of the packet both girls were fighting over them to play with them, after showing them the light they were so fascinated by them they wouldn't leave them alone my 4yr has also taken them to bed to act as her night light.


These are a must have for any home with little children I will be getting some more of these for my girls.



For more information - http://bit.ly/1W4D2oi



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by sarah 29. June 2015 19:50

The LadyBird bath pod: 

My kids are bath toys obsessed. When we finally moved to a house with a bath, they couldn't get enough of their splashy wet time each evening, complete with what seemed like a bazillion bath toys. The ladybird bath pod seemed like the ideal solution. What parent wouldn't love to get all the toys out of the bath with a quick scoop? The evening the parcel arrived, my kids were hooked; 'Buggy' was their new best friend and my two year old wasn't going to be parted from her. I love that I can attach the bath pod to get wall (although I couldn't get the sticky things to attach to the bath tiles), and bath time clean up is quick and easy enough for the kid to help. As an extra tip, use your hot glue gun to plug up the hole in your bath toys and there's no need to squirt any water out of them so you can scoop and run. A brilliant solution for time poor parents who want to make bath time clean up quick and easy whilst also involving the kids.


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Reviewed By Dani M


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