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Your on a winner with our Dinner winner plates.

by sarah 17. March 2016 17:43

With four children aging from 2-10 I can assure you I have had my share of fussy mealtimes, I call it fussy mealtimes, as one day my children will eat everything on their plate, then the next thing they have decided that they only like Roast Pork with Apple sauce, and really who can blame them Roast Pork is pretty sensational. 

I am a firm believer in making dinner time fun, through fun conversation, less stress, less grumbling and my assortment of fun plates, trays and accessories for mealtime. I am afraid to admit I don't just have one plastic cupboard, I have a plastic cupboard, a lunchbox cupboard, and a Kids plates and accessories cupboard, don't even get me started on my sandwich cutter collection :-)

My kids favorite plate at the moment is our new range of Dinner Winner plates. 

Bottom line they are like a Racing track / Board game for your child to help Compel them to eat their dinner. I don't know how it works but it does. All my four children 2,3,8 and 10 eat more food when its out of their Dinner Winner plate. My 8 and 10 year old will replenish the plate to eat it again if still hungry.




The best thing about the treat at the end is it doesn't have to be unhealthy, we often put cheese cut into different shapes, blueberries (My 2 year old's favorite food), strawberries, sesame snaps to name a few healthy choices. If they are in for a special treat, we also might put a mini meringue or a piece of chocolate. 




To see our full range of Dinner winner plates click here 




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Parent Product review - Lightstax

by sarah 7. August 2015 10:05


As soon as these arrived and were taken out of the packet both girls were fighting over them to play with them, after showing them the light they were so fascinated by them they wouldn't leave them alone my 4yr has also taken them to bed to act as her night light.


These are a must have for any home with little children I will be getting some more of these for my girls.



For more information - http://bit.ly/1W4D2oi



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Light Stax,

by sarah 23. April 2015 23:07

As soon as I saw Lightstax I knew that I needed them for myself my children. My children were just as excited to be my official testers and in the three weeks since we have got them, have played with them daily.

They come in 4 size packs, 12, 24, 36 and 102.

Now of course I needed to be able to review, all size packs, so we have been using the 102 set and we have been spending time playing with 12 blocks, 24 blocks, 36 blocks and my favourite the 102

 (Pictures below)


So what are Light stax - Simply they are Light up blocks,  that are 100% compatible with other 'preschool' bricks. They use LED technology to light up, which means they are not only great to play with, but allow children to make their own nightlight, depending on the pack size you can make, towers, letters, flowers, butterflies. Your nightlight depends on your imagination.

As long as they are connected to the base, or another light stax blocks they light up when you press the button. They only need to be connected to one of the squares of a block connected to the base to light up, which mean that you can really use your imagination.

The Light stax base has four different settings.

1 - Lights up

2- Flashing

3 - Fade on and off

4 Automatically turns off after 15 minutes, (Perfect for use as a nightlight)

The base is powered by either AA Batteries, or via the USB power cord (Included)

We have been using the blocks every night for three weeks, both playing and then with auto shut off for nightlight and still using same batteries it came with.


The kids have been loving making their own nightlights, and towers, so below are some photos of their creations, feel free to use them for inspiration, and headover to our facebook page and share yours.

 With the 12 we had heaps of fun making our own letter nightlights 


For 24 piece sets the favourite was to make towers and stairs


once we hit 36 pieces, things started to get even more interesting, we had robots and lightsabers, and awesome statues


102 was when the real fun started we made the eiffel tower, butterflys, pyramids, castles, towers, rainbows, stairs, more letters.






(These were all made by my children 2, 7 and 9)




 Light Stax are definitely a new favourite in our house, if you want to join in the fun you can purchase them here -






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Taco Trucks

by sarah 22. April 2015 21:00


One of our favourite foods in our house is Taco's and thanks to the Lego movie, there is a lot of pressure in our house to have Taco Tuesday (or if we don't eat it on Tuesday) Taco Thursday.

Our kids (And I) jumped at the chance to review the Taco Trucks, they come in a pack of two, so naturally we got two packs, one for each of my four kids. (Fortunately for me, our youngest is still a little to young to use it) So I have claimed one for myself.

I have enjoyed it so much that we will be getting another set for when Master J, is old enough to want one.

They come nicely packaged in a cardboard box, so would be perfect for a gift.

Why do we love Taco trucks?


Less Mess - My kids are now able to fill their tacos up, without the need for two much hand-eye co-ordination. Its great they can fill up the taco's without needing to be holding it at the sametime.

Easy to clean - as its one piece - Molded from food-safe polypropylene plastic means a quick sponge over and its clean

Come as a set of two (salsa red and Guacamole Green) and each carry two tacos.

I have found that they have been putting more salads into their tacos. (Big plus in my house)

They enjoy using the taco trucks so much that they have started trying to use it for other meals, sausages in bread, Wraps to name a few



To Buy now  



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My Review BBOX Sippy Cup - Award winning Sippy Cup

by sarah 17. January 2015 14:41


The 2012 Mother & Baby Sippy Cup of the Year, has done it again being crowned the Winner of 2014, Mother & Baby Award, Gold, Sippy Cup of the Year. 


Now as a mum of four beautiful kids, two born before BBox started in 2009 I have to say I have had my fair share of Sippy cups, with my oldest two I could only assume that I had at least a dozen laying around in the cupboard. I never found one that really did what I wanted. Some my kids liked but they would get frustrated in how hard it was to suck out if you kept the non-spill valves in, but then if you took the valve out they would just empty the drink onto the table and I would get frustrated. The straw cups then would be my next option which would be fine until they tried to tip them up like a bottle and nothing would come out. Then there would be the ones that looked good, didn’t spill but within a couple of days the kids would work out how to open the lids and water would go everywhere. 

But all that changed when my third child, my daughter who is now two started to need a Sippy cup.

A friend recommended that I use B.box Sippy cup and they would be a perfect addition to Bubsandbeans, so I purchased one on her recommendation and I am so glad I did. It ticked all my boxes.

Non -spill (No more annoying holes in the top for water to drip out, no more tipping the cup upside down and watching the water pour out.

Screw lid So far in the last 14 months my two younger kids (14 months and 2 1/2) still haven't worked out how to unscrew the lid. 

Weighted straw It was fantastic the weighted straw meant that no longer did my kids tip there Sippy cup up and get frustrated as nothing was coming out. The other great thing about this as a BF mum was that my son didn't really like to take milk from a bottle however he would always drink out of his BBox Sippy cup so if I had to leave him with someone I could leave him with milk in his Bbox Sippy cup and he would drink it no problem.

Straw Cleaner (You buy separately) the one thing I have always hated about straw Sippy cups is trying unsuccessfully to keep the straws clean. We always had a water only policy in the past as I can't even count the amount of times, babysitters let the kids have their milk, juice in the cup and they weren't washed properly. Now I don’t worry with the straw cleaners I can easily clean the straws (I even use it to clean my older two's drink bottles.)

Replacement straws (Come with Straw cleaners) Now nothing last forever however the fact I can replace the straws means that I have been using the same Bbox Sippy cups for 18 months, (just with a few straw changes) 

 Dishwasher Safe - I have a policy in my house its one that has served me well with my husband and I both running our own businesses and with four kids, two at school. If I have to iron it, or if it cant go in the dishwasher then I am not interested. Now most of the time I do hand wash it just because i don't want to be without it for the hour long dishwasher cycle but if someone else is babysitting and does the dishes and pops it in it doesn't matter.

BPA, Phthalates and PVC free - Probably the most important thing that I love about it, it is BPA, Phthalates and PVC free so I don't worry about the fact my kids drink 90% of there fluids from it. 

 We love it so much we now have five. I have two that stay permanently in my nappy bag so I always have them for out and about and three at home. ( a Spare for when friends come for a play)

If you would like to try one headover to our website and enter the code BBOX10 to receive 10% of BBox Sippy cups and accessories

Bbox Sippy Cup




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