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Travelling with Children overseas will be fun, they said.....

by sarah 24. March 2016 16:16

Travelling with Children overseas will be fun, they said.  You get to watch the 'pure joy' on their face as they see the world they said. They will get to experience new foods they said. You don’t have to change your holidays just because you have had kids they said……

What they didn’t tell you was…. The pure joy you  will experience when your pride and joy decides that they don’t feel like lunch anymore, and vomits it back up all over you at take-off at the start of a fourteen “sweet smelling” hour flight. There is no level of deodorant and wipes that can get rid of the smell.

What they didn’t tell you was “How fun it is” when the same beautiful child has a nappy incident, as I look to call it, fourteen hours later at landing, thanks to the extra water they drank through the flight, to starve off the dry mouth from the plane.


They didn’t tell you how “comfortable’ it is sitting with that gorgeous 22 month old on your lap for fourteen hours in economy, otherwise known as cattle class, whilst the person traveling without children in front of you reclines, leaving 2cm between Master 22 month old and the TV screen.

It doesn’t help you with the building jealousy you feel to the people around you (Yes I am talking about the Person in front who slept reclined, about 12 hours of the 14 hour flight), as they relax, watch movies, sleep, eat, go to the toilet in peace, whilst you juggle 4 children’s every need, want and desire.

What they also didn’t tell when booking at the travel agents, was the “child’s meals” are often not very parent friendly, imagine yoghurt at 10,000 feet and the mess, the carnage it brings.


Now I am not saying don’t travel, Don’t get me wrong, I am already planning our next overseas trip, and we have taken our kids on quite a few trips internationally and domestically just go into it with eyes wide open, really wide open. (Which they will stay as don’t expect to get any sleep in the flight either)

It’s just I think as Parents we need to know that travelling on aeroplanes internationally with children is very different than your pre children days. It is not as easy, it is not as relaxing, not as enjoyable, but still just as worth it.




Bring changes of Clothes for them but just as importantly for you.


My families favourite story is the previously mentioned story that involved one of my children, that decided to not only vomit on me then wet themselves whilst sitting on my lap on our flight from LA to Auckland, which ended up with me having to purchase a very expensive and impractical pair of merino wool trackies at our stopover CUE Bogan music please…. (That coincidently would have been about the same price as buying an extra seat) and a whole lot more comfortable.  


Bring Food, heaps of food.

Children are fickle creatures, one day they will eat anything, the next day rice crackers and sultanas are considered a staple diet. We learnt on our first overseas trip with our four children, when our children’s meals didn’t arrive that travel is so much easier if your children have a steady piece of food in their mouth. We also learnt the hard way trying to keep children clean eating yoghurt in a confined space is never going to happen so it’s best to bring your own ‘clean’ lunch. When I say Clean, I don't mean healthy, nutritious, I mean realistically food that is not going to make a huge mess, because anyone with kids realise that they can turn a biscuit into a sloppy delightful mess not to mentions banana or any thing with any liquid content.





Bring Wipes, twice as many as you expect to use (It will still probably be half as much as you need)

Wipes are by far the best, most awesome baby item ever invented, I don’t know who invented them but I would love to shake their hand, buy them the most expensive bottle of wine I can and thank them for saving my sanity more times than I could count.

Wipes are perfect for almost everything, from cleaning hands, face, clothes, Sippy cups, trays, glasses, toys, really is there anything that they can’t clean. Also great for all toddler and baby free people on the plane to remove their makeup, (Because realistically you won’t be doing that as you will be lucky to even go to the toilet alone, but we can dream can’t we?


 Don’t pack too much.

I know it seems contradictory to my last three bits of advice, but as a parent travelling with a toddler, you have to know at one stage you will be not only carting your luggage through a crowded airport, but also be carrying your child.


Now my children are great at walking through the airport, until we stopped at customs, suddenly like ‘magic’ their legs both stopped working. Imagine, 2 adults, 4 kids, one bag to many, both of us with a toddler on the hip trying to find passports, forms, all whilst I was wearing my itchy overpriced Merino wool trackies, trying to remember the joy that the travel blogs speak about when travelling with children.


Electronic devices will be your friend – but be prepared.

Do you normally have a time limit on technology, forget about it, for your sanity, for the sanity of the people around you. If they want to play on the iPad for 6 hours let them, yes they will be tired and cranky when they finish but guess what, they were going to be anyway.

But be prepared.

Bring a portable charger for your iPad, you can buy them from most electronic places, and means that they can play the iPad off and on through the whole flight.




Also bring your own headphones, unless you want to hear those magical words, “Help” 5327 times as the adult ones full off their heads again and again.




Remember the flight is just the means to the end and once you get there you will be giving them an experience so many others can only dream off.



What are your best travel tips with children?

Would you travel with children? Are you game enough?


If you interested in some of my other ideas about travelling internationally with children read more here


If you are interested in our trip to Disneyland (the fun part) read more here. 




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The day i was dreading... Lunchtime blues.

by sarah 26. January 2016 19:39

 I knew the day was coming, I had seen the signs, the half finished lunches coming home. The unenthusiastic sighs in the morning, but i had hoped i had more time....

More time.... But no my time had run out at the tender age of 7 and 9 my children had decided they were over eating sandwiches.

Maybe it had been my fault, eating the same food for lunch 6 days a week obviously had got boring.... 

I tried to bluff my way through, turning sandwiches in to works of art, fancy sandwich cutters, intricate fillings, then they wouldn't be boring, they would eat them again.

Now that not only didnt work but did not give me more time, only less, as turning sandwiches into elephants, puzzles and dinosaurs don't give you more time, it is just more work, especially if they return uneaten anyway.

Now some might just say, too bad.... Make them sandwiches anyway, but what's the point if they don't eat it, they can't concentrate without food.


So what do you pack if your children don't like sandwiches...

At first it was cruskits, saladas with cheese. 

And then we got more creative... (Cue even easier)

We started packing a Skip-hop Insualted jar with our leftovers from the night before - whether that was fried rice, beef stroganoff, pasta bake, spaghetti bolognaise, pumpkin soup.

(To find out more about our insulated jars - http://bit.ly/1ZPCjqa )



 The kids loved it, and it made morning so much easier, but then summer came and hot foods started to loose their appeal, leftovers weren't so easy to eat the next day when they were salads and steak off the BBQ, and I didn't feel like cooking an extra hot meal in the 30 plus degree heat.

So the insulated jars were filled with jelly, custard, or sno-cones and I began to dread the lunchtime blues.

Thats when i realised that I didnt have to have the lunchtime blues, their were heaps of no sandwich healthy options for my children and me to eat at lunchtime.



Our Original yumbox came out and here are some of favorite no sandwich lunches.


Flat bread, cheese, cucumber, strawberries, craisins and (a treat) chocolate custard





Rice crackers, Fresh Ham, Carrot, Apple, watermelon and craisins.



Chicken Satay, Cucumber, Lettuce , Carrot, cucumber, mayo (we wrap all the food into the lettuce leaf) and make a Chicken satay sandwich with sandwich with no bread.




Turkey Roll, Watermelon, Kabana, Fresh berry salad, Grapes and Pineapple shaped cheese.




Ham and Cheese skewers, Cucumber, Carrot, Popcorn, Grapes and Mixed berries.





So if your children decide that Sandwiches are so 2015, don't despair there are heaps of no sandwich options you can try, check out www.instagram.com/bubsandbeans for inspiration as I post up photos of our mainly sandwich free lunches. , also search #Yumbox. 











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How can you fit a full sandwich in a yumbox (Original Style)?

by sarah 19. November 2015 09:03


We are huge fans of the yumbox in our house, and it has really made lunchtimes so much easier.

Every morning I pack 5 lunches, 1 for all the kids 2, 3, 8 and 10 ( and me of course) which means I am saving money, and also means no rushing around at 12 trying to work out what to feed my youngest two.

When I first bought them my two oldest had decided that they where over sandwiches, and after almost 5 years of sandwiches at school for the oldest she was happy for a change, so we where packing cruskits, (cut in half they fit perfectly in the original in the top long section), salada's etc. Then all of a sudden she decided that she wanted a vegemite sandwich. Now my first thought was simply that's ok she can swap with her sister and use the Panino, however whilst my kids are great at sharing some things, their prized possession the yumbox is not one of them.

So I tried around with a few ways to make a vegemite sandwich fit in her lunchbox and I found a very easy way.


Cut it into 3 sections, (1 long thin section two squares)



 The Sandwich then fits easily in two of the sections, which leaves you with four sections to fill with other yummy foods.





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5 Insulated lunchboxes that fit the Yumbox.

by sarah 15. August 2015 19:26

So you have decided to get a Yumbox, but now you need an insulated bag to keep all the awesome yoghurt, watermelon cold during the day.

At bubsandbeans we have put together a handy guide of 5 Insulated bags that fit the yumbox.

Now the Yumbox dimensions are 21.5cm x 16.5cm x 5cm


1. Skiphop Insulated lunchbags

These gorgeous Lunchbags are sized right for little kids, they have a top handle perfect for your kids to hold onto. A space inside for you to write your child's name.

There is enough space for a yumbox and a thin ice-brick. The inner mesh pocket is perfect to put utensils, or spare lunch money in.

Size (cm): 23l X 19h x 8.25cm

  2. Peppa Pig Insulated lunch bags

These gorgeous Peppa pig lunch bags will be a huge hit at your child's kinder.

Featuring a wipe-able lining for easy cleaning.



  3. Lunch happens Insulated Lunchbag

These come in two very cute designs, Owl or Monkey 

25.5cm x 19cm x 10cm

Featuring a wipe-able lining for easy cleaning, they have a handy zip on the bag that you can put your cutlery in. Also space to put a card in the bag with your children's contact details.




  4. Tinkerbelle Disney Fairies Lunch bag

If you want a lunch bag with space for it's own drink bottle then this is the perfect lunch bag for you. It comes with its own drink bottle.

It is a little bit larger than the previous bags so leaves room for a sinchies full of yoghurt and an ice brick.



  5. Penny Scallan Backpack Lunch bag

If you want a lunch bag to fit numerous yum boxes then this is the one for you.

It is easy to wipe clean, it comes with a backpack strap and a drink bottle holder.

Its has a Velcro closing lid and is thermal lined.

Made from 100% cotton canvas and is covered in scratch resistant coating.

Size W20 x H26 x 16cm

It comfortably fits 2 Yumboxes and an ice brick, however will fit with 3 without a ice brick.








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What's so Good about the "Yumbox"

by sarah 14. August 2015 19:50

With four children and being 5 years into the school journey we have had our fair share of lunchboxes, we have had the standard old school ones, insulated ones, ones that flip, ones that are cute animal shapes, and they have all been great and served their purpose.

But recently we have been converted to the Yumbox craze.

And craze it is, you just have to search #YUMBOX on instagram and you will see how much time and effort some people put into their lunch boxes, people now buy special markers and colour in sandwiches, they draw pictures on banana skins. Buy special labels custom made for their yumboxes.

There are countless facebook pages, full of ideas of what to put in your yumbox. 

Now whilst I am not rushing out to play "Colour in" with my food, and my kids shouldn't expect their banana's to become their favorite cartoon characters, but I have been converted and loving every minute of it, and I may have "joined a page or two".

What is a Yumbox you might ask? Yumbox are lunchboxes that combine Classic European styling with Japanese bento compartmentalisation. They come in two sizes Panino (4 Section design) and Original (6 Section design) and of course I had to purchase both. :-)

Yumboxes are leakproof so perfect if you want to pack yoghurt, apple sauce. 

Each morning (including the weekend) we have been packing our yumboxes and i have found that my kids have been eating so much more variety during the day. They have been trying foods that they wouldn't normally have eaten. The best example was when i added dried apricots into Master 1 and Miss 3 yumbox and they ate them without question. The amount of times i have put them on a plate and they would not try them, put them in a lunchbox like their big brother and sister it's a total different story.  

 learn more - http://www.bubsandbeans.com.au/categories.aspx?brandID=196&brand=Yumbox


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