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Parenting, It's all about respect!

by sarah 23. June 2016 12:55

Respect in Parenting what does it mean to you?

So many times we think that Respect is only for the children, children need to respect their parents, respect their teachers, respect their elders. But I believe it is just important that as Parents, as teachers, as adults in general we need to respect the children in our care, respect our children.

We need to teach them respect not just by our expectations, but also by our behavior. We need to learn to show our children positive respectful behavior so they in turn mirror that behavior. 

Something big happened in our house two weeks ago, our oldest daughter broke her wrist at Tae Kwon do, now this was a big thing in our family as it was our first real big injury. Yes we have had a few minor injuries before, cuts and bumps involving glue, we have had hospital visits from pneumonia, pleurisy, operations for tonsils, adenoids out but this was the first broken bone. 

Now in our family I am known as the Paparazzi, their is not an event, a holiday, a day really that isn't captured by a camera. But of Miss J’s broken bone, her emergency visit, her first cast we don't have any photos, None, something that is unheard of in our house. Why, because when we were sitting in the hospital room after the X-ray, before the doctor came to put on the cast, she asked me – please mum can you not take any photos of me at the moment. 

In that moment I had a choice, a choice to take a photo and play the mum card, or to give her the respect she deserved, at a time when she felt most vulnerable, when she was upset at the thought of no monkey bars, no badminton, no swimming, no Tae Kwon do, to treat her with respect and say O’k. That's ok, we don't need a photo, we can take one when your ready. 

Two weeks on, she still isn't ready, apart from one photo she took herself to send to her Auntie (the cast only- no face, nothing to prove its her. There is no photo proof, and that’s ok. As I understand it is her body that is in a cast, and as it’s her body she has a choice, and if she doesn't want a photo to remember it by that’s ok. 

We need to show our children respect, so they can learn to show others that same respect. 

They need to know they have choices, they need to know they will be supported in their choices, some might say it's just a photo, and maybe it is, but to our daughter it is so much more than that. By saying that it’s ok, I won't take that photo it is telling our daughter, we respect you, we respect your decisions, hopefully as she grows older she will show that same respect to others. Respect that when her friend says please don't post that photo on social media, she will say Ok, when her younger brother says, please don't tease me about that, she will say no drama, as she has learnt firsthand how important it is to respect others.




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