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by sarah 17. November 2015 14:28


With December fast approaching I have been going through Elfie's adventures last year.

When Our Elf arrived we told it simple, No messy games, with four kids I didn't have time for mess, and Elfie would not have time to set up huge cheeky adventures in our house.


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Below I have included photos of 13 adventures our Elfie had, most of them took Elfie only moments to set up. At the most they cost Elfie less than $5, (except the books).


Elfie decided he needed some morning exercise.


Elfie and Woody had a Tea Party.


Elfie was found hiding in the kitchen in a jar.


Elfie and his chocolate friends had a chat 

(kids really like this one)



Elfie and Giggleosauras decided to eat our gingerbread house.

Elfie came with stickers, and used them too.


On the first day, Elfie came with some seeds, for the children to plant.

The next morning, they had grown into Candy canes.




Elfie came with some gorgeous Christmas books for all the kids.

Elfie decided to visit the farm.


Elfie was caught talking to Santa.

 Elfie reminding the children of their chores for the day.

Elfie was caught playing in the Christmas tree


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