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Family Resource Center

Bubs and Beans is the family resource center where entrepreneurs women support working moms to enhance their business or their corporate job.  In our center we provide sessions with professionals in the field business. We encourage working moms so they can support their family as a mother. We took this initiative because working as a mom is very difficult. 

What We Offer For Good Business?

Provide Work Space

Training Sessions

Personal trainer

Child Care Center

Investment Plans

What People Are Saying

"My name is Rebecca james i have been doing local business so well but after marriage, i saw some distraction but with the help of bubs and beans i have got my position very well."
Rebecca James
"As a working mom it is very difficult to balance your job and family but in bubs and beans they have made very easy to run both very easily"!
Emma Roberts
"Their incredible services provides much relief in daily life task. I have grown my business through their center with the help of expert out there"!
Olivia Spencer

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At Bubs and Beans, We equip with the right tools and direction to take your business to the next level. Connect with us and make your life even more easier.

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