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Travelling with Children overseas will be fun, they said.....

by sarah 24. March 2016 16:16

Travelling with Children overseas will be fun, they said.  You get to watch the 'pure joy' on their face as they see the world they said. They will get to experience new foods they said. You don’t have to change your holidays just because you have had kids they said……

What they didn’t tell you was…. The pure joy you  will experience when your pride and joy decides that they don’t feel like lunch anymore, and vomits it back up all over you at take-off at the start of a fourteen “sweet smelling” hour flight. There is no level of deodorant and wipes that can get rid of the smell.

What they didn’t tell you was “How fun it is” when the same beautiful child has a nappy incident, as I look to call it, fourteen hours later at landing, thanks to the extra water they drank through the flight, to starve off the dry mouth from the plane.


They didn’t tell you how “comfortable’ it is sitting with that gorgeous 22 month old on your lap for fourteen hours in economy, otherwise known as cattle class, whilst the person traveling without children in front of you reclines, leaving 2cm between Master 22 month old and the TV screen.

It doesn’t help you with the building jealousy you feel to the people around you (Yes I am talking about the Person in front who slept reclined, about 12 hours of the 14 hour flight), as they relax, watch movies, sleep, eat, go to the toilet in peace, whilst you juggle 4 children’s every need, want and desire.

What they also didn’t tell when booking at the travel agents, was the “child’s meals” are often not very parent friendly, imagine yoghurt at 10,000 feet and the mess, the carnage it brings.


Now I am not saying don’t travel, Don’t get me wrong, I am already planning our next overseas trip, and we have taken our kids on quite a few trips internationally and domestically just go into it with eyes wide open, really wide open. (Which they will stay as don’t expect to get any sleep in the flight either)

It’s just I think as Parents we need to know that travelling on aeroplanes internationally with children is very different than your pre children days. It is not as easy, it is not as relaxing, not as enjoyable, but still just as worth it.




Bring changes of Clothes for them but just as importantly for you.


My families favourite story is the previously mentioned story that involved one of my children, that decided to not only vomit on me then wet themselves whilst sitting on my lap on our flight from LA to Auckland, which ended up with me having to purchase a very expensive and impractical pair of merino wool trackies at our stopover CUE Bogan music please…. (That coincidently would have been about the same price as buying an extra seat) and a whole lot more comfortable.  


Bring Food, heaps of food.

Children are fickle creatures, one day they will eat anything, the next day rice crackers and sultanas are considered a staple diet. We learnt on our first overseas trip with our four children, when our children’s meals didn’t arrive that travel is so much easier if your children have a steady piece of food in their mouth. We also learnt the hard way trying to keep children clean eating yoghurt in a confined space is never going to happen so it’s best to bring your own ‘clean’ lunch. When I say Clean, I don't mean healthy, nutritious, I mean realistically food that is not going to make a huge mess, because anyone with kids realise that they can turn a biscuit into a sloppy delightful mess not to mentions banana or any thing with any liquid content.





Bring Wipes, twice as many as you expect to use (It will still probably be half as much as you need)

Wipes are by far the best, most awesome baby item ever invented, I don’t know who invented them but I would love to shake their hand, buy them the most expensive bottle of wine I can and thank them for saving my sanity more times than I could count.

Wipes are perfect for almost everything, from cleaning hands, face, clothes, Sippy cups, trays, glasses, toys, really is there anything that they can’t clean. Also great for all toddler and baby free people on the plane to remove their makeup, (Because realistically you won’t be doing that as you will be lucky to even go to the toilet alone, but we can dream can’t we?


 Don’t pack too much.

I know it seems contradictory to my last three bits of advice, but as a parent travelling with a toddler, you have to know at one stage you will be not only carting your luggage through a crowded airport, but also be carrying your child.


Now my children are great at walking through the airport, until we stopped at customs, suddenly like ‘magic’ their legs both stopped working. Imagine, 2 adults, 4 kids, one bag to many, both of us with a toddler on the hip trying to find passports, forms, all whilst I was wearing my itchy overpriced Merino wool trackies, trying to remember the joy that the travel blogs speak about when travelling with children.


Electronic devices will be your friend – but be prepared.

Do you normally have a time limit on technology, forget about it, for your sanity, for the sanity of the people around you. If they want to play on the iPad for 6 hours let them, yes they will be tired and cranky when they finish but guess what, they were going to be anyway.

But be prepared.

Bring a portable charger for your iPad, you can buy them from most electronic places, and means that they can play the iPad off and on through the whole flight.




Also bring your own headphones, unless you want to hear those magical words, “Help” 5327 times as the adult ones full off their heads again and again.




Remember the flight is just the means to the end and once you get there you will be giving them an experience so many others can only dream off.



What are your best travel tips with children?

Would you travel with children? Are you game enough?


If you interested in some of my other ideas about travelling internationally with children read more here


If you are interested in our trip to Disneyland (the fun part) read more here. 




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Legoland - California - How to make sure "Everything is awesome"

by sarah 12. August 2015 10:41

My children had an awesome time at LEGOLAND but compared to even our theme-parks back home I still felt that I was left wanting. 

If I had of spent a little more time preorganising the day I would have got so much more out of it.

So based on my day I have put together 5 ways to make sure "Everything is awesome" on your trip to Legoland

* To get the most of your day - Buy your tickets online

It took us over an hour to purchase our tickets at the gate, Now in it's defence the computers went down before we got their so we they had do everything manually, however the line was not huge and it took us over an hour and we were only lined up behind 5 families. This hour wait meant that we where very rushed in our visit as we only had the day there and needed to be leaving by 3pm.

 *To get the most of your trip book a VIP experience so you don't have to line up for the rides, our use the reserve and ride where you can reserve your time on the ride.

 The wait times for the rides where quite long when we where there so our children decided on one ride and we spent more time looking around the exhibits.

*Some of the rides cost extra money

At legoland their a quite a few attractions and rides that cost extra money, make sure you do your research, unless you want to be hit up with lots of additonal charges. 

*Bring your bathers - You might get wet :-) 

Even if you don't want to go into the water park their is actually a lot of water play areas in the main park. The ride "Pirate Reef" you can access from both the water park and legoland and you get totally saturated, their are lots of great fun attractions in Pirateshores that are great fun and also very wet.

*Bring a camera

 There are some fantastic opportunities for photos, and whilst you can purchase them there, save your money and take your own photos. 


With LEGOLAND there is a lot of awesome exhibits, Star wars, Miniland USA, the set of the Lego movie, heartlake city, pirate shores. castle hill and so much more. 

Well worth a visit you just need to make sure you are organised to enjoy it
















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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique - Disneyland

by sarah 10. August 2015 08:32

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a magical place where children can be transformed by a Fairy Godmother in Training. There are three levels of pampering for the Girls.

The crown package, includes hair, makeup, princess accessories and nail polish. This is great if you already have your own costume, at $59.95 US plus tax (Plus tip) it is a great entry level makeover and your child will feel very special and pampered.

The Fairy-tale Princess


Disney Diva


Colour Star


They also receive shimmering make-up, a princess sash, face gem and

The next level is the courtyard Package, this is $94.95 (Plus tax) (And tip) this includes an extra Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique T-shirt, cinch bag and a cute tutu.


The final Package and definitely the most extravagant is the Castle Package, starting at $194.95 (depends on costume you choose) (Plus Tax and tip) (realistically you are looking at about $250 US) but in my opinion it is worth it.

It includes hairstyle, shimmering makeup, face gem, nail polish that they also get to take home in their Bibbidi, Bobbibi Boutique cinch bag, It also includes a costume of their choice, but the thing that sets it apart is the portrait package where they take gorgeous photos near Cinderella's carriage.

They then get priority entrance into Fantasy Faire and get to meet three of the beautiful princesses.

The rest of the day the children where greeted by the title princess and knight and it really added to the magic of the day.

Now the Bibbidi, Bobbidi Boutique is not just for the girls, with a great package available for the boys called the Knights package. The boys get a hairstyle and a sword and shield and it costs only $18.95 (Plus tax and tip) - you can upgrade to a different sword and shield if you would like for a small additional sum.



Our trip was over our daughters 3rd birthday so part of her present was a Castle package for her and her older sister (9), and a Knights package for her brother (7)

I was surprised at how still our 3 year old sat, she choose to have the Colour package which is definitely the longest hairstyle but she sat mesmerised the whole time. She had so much fun transforming into a princess and wearing make up and having her nails painted.

Her older sister decided on the Fairytale Princess, with her own royal tiara.

Our son decided on a Mohawk, and was just as excited as her big sisters.



The worst thing about the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is it's only for Children aged between 3-12



Make a reservation, they are incredibly popular so you must call ahead and book to make sure you get a time, unfortunately you can't book online so you need to call them - (714) 781-7895.

If you choose the Castle Package you can bring an extra four people in with you (This includes parents) into Fantasy Faire

Tip - Make sure you bring cash to Tip your fairy godmother in training as tips are only cash.

There is sometimes a little bit of waiting, we had to wait about 15-20 minutes for our photos as their is only one carriage and photographer.

There is a lot of extras that your children may want for extra cash-  Special shoes, gloves and handbags etc.




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Our tips on how to get chosen for Disneyland's Jedi training academy?

by sarah 25. July 2015 17:05

One of the highlights for our trip was Disneyland Jedi training academy.


 The Jedi training Academy is found in Tomorrowland.

If you or your children are into Star wars, this is a must do, because if your child gets chosen, they not only get to learn some awesome Jedi moves from Jedi Masters. They also get to battle either Darth Maul or Darth Vader.

The show itself last about 20-30 minutes, and includes between 20-30 young Padawan's. When we went there where 27 Children chosen.

To be chosen the children need to be aged between 4-12 (or look like it as they don't check age) whilst both Disneyland and Disneyworld have Jedi training academy's both have very different ways that they choose who is selected

 In Disneyworld it is purely a first in gets the chance, they have a sign up sheet so you need to arrive early to get your spot.

At Disneyland the Jedi Master uses "the force" to decide who joins the academy, there are a few ways that you can help your child join in the fun.


1. Arrive early to get a great seat, we arrived at 10am for a 10:35am show and got front row seats. This is great for two reasons, it allows you to not only get a great seat for photos, and for watching if you don't get chosen.

But more importantly it also allows the Jedi Master to see your child easier.

2. Bring a sign, in the shows we watched the people with a sign where all chosen first, they where nothing fancy, they where A4 pieces of paper with words on it, like I am the next Padawan, Choose me you shall.

 3. Dress the part, wear clothes that that are Star wars inspired, bring your own lightsaber, available over at the Star trader. We came with our own lightsabers and Jedi robes. The Jedi Masters want to know that.


   4. Be excited, enthusiastic, make sure that they know that you want to be part of the show, make sure that they know you are going to participate if chosen.


If your child is chosen they will don a fabulous Brown robe, and then recite the sacred Jedi Oath. If you promise to use your powers for Good, you will be taught the way of the Jedi, how to wield the training lightsaber.

Your child then will get to battle either Darth Maul or Darth Vader.




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Character Dining at Disneyland - Plaza Inn

by sarah 25. July 2015 16:41

A must have experience in the Disneyland resort is Character Dining, there are five different Character breakfasts available located either within the park, at California Adventure park or each of the three Disney Hotels. 

We have had the opportunity to try three of the five Character experiences and each of the experiences are slightly different, with different foods, different characters and different locations. The one thing that stayed the same was the awesome service, the mickey waffles, the great opportunity to meet characters and the very tasty Made to Order Omelettes.


 The only Character experience available within the original Disneyland Park is at the Plaza Inn,  called the "Minnie and Friends - Breakfast in the Park" it really is a magical experience, with an all you can eat buffet full of Made to eat Omelettes, Mickey waffles, fresh fruit, cute Jello (Jelly), Bacon, eggs, pastries, toast and amazing fresh pineapple, watermelon, and Berries. 

The Characters change daily however Minnie mouse is always there.

The day we went we where able to meet Minnie Mouse, the fairy Godmother, Captain Hook, Raffiki (The lion King), Max (Goofy's son) Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.


It's the perfect opportunity to get a photo, an autograph without a line as all the characters come to you at your table.

With a great view of Tomorrowland, we sat whilst watching the Astro-Orbitor out the window.








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