Ideas for your kids birthday cake

Ideas for your kids birthday cakeNo matter whether it’s the first or fifth birthday of your child, you always want to make it special to show some love and affection. You must have planned an incredible surprise for your child’s birthday.

But the birthday cake is the most important factor that can make your child’s birthday special. When you’re planning a birthday party for an adult, you don’t need to pay enough attention to the cake. But the child’s birthday mostly revolves around the birthday cake. Therefore, you need to explore some unique ideas to make it special.

Here are some interesting ideas you can use for your kid’s birthday cake.

Print your Child’s PhotoIdeas for your kids birthday cake

The best way to prepare a memorable cake for your child’s birthday is to apply your child’s photo on it. You must’ve captured plenty of photographs throughout the year. Thanks to the advanced 3D technology that you can now apply your child’s photo on the cake.

Usually, people apply one photo of the child on the cake. But some parents go one step ahead and they add 1 photo from each month on the cake. In that case, you’d have to order a bigger cake because so many photographs cannot be added easily. But it will be enough for making the birthday party special for your child.

Cannoli Cakes

Cannoli Cakes are also the best option for celebrating your child’s birthday. You can get the cake shaped according to your requirements. What we really like about the cannoli cakes is that they taste delicious. And the kids usually love the taste of these cakes. So, your child and his/her friends would be very happy to enjoy such an amazing treat.

Cartoon CharacterIdeas for your kids birthday cake

If you want to bring that precious smile on your child’s face, you must use a cartoon character while preparing the cake. The cake bakers can now add any cartoon character according to your demand. You must have an idea of the cartoon your child loves to see the most. So, you may request the baker to use that cartoon character while designing the cake.

Your child’s favorite ride

You can also ask the baker to design the cake in the form of a ride that your child loves the most. However, you’d have to place the order at least 1 month before your child’s birthday. Moreover, these types of cakes are usually expensive because the bakers need to spend more time and effort preparing them.

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