What is a Portable Defibrillator?

Have you Ever Seen a Doctor in a Movie or TV show shouting “Clear”, “Clear” while putting a device on a patient’s chest?

I believe you must have watched this type of scene at least once in your life. And you’ve guessed it right. The machine that the doctor uses in that particular scene is called a defibrillator. And a portable defibrillator is definitely a small version of that machine that can be carried anywhere you want.

You may think about why would someone consider taking such a machine with them when it comes in use only once in a while. And why would someone prefer keeping this machine when they can easily reach the hospital by calling an ambulance?

Well, the answer to this question is already available in the question itself. Most people say that we don’t need to keep the portable defibrillator at home because we can easily go to the hospital if a problem appeared. Let’s assume that you’re traveling to a place where you can’t access the hospital easily.What is a Portable Defibrillator?

How would you deal with the situation if someone suffered from cardiac arrest in that location? The ambulance will probably take some time to get to your location. And if you don’t have a portable defibrillator with you, it will be almost impossible for your loved one to survive. Depending on the situation of the cardiac arrest, they’d probably survive but you can’t risk their life on your assumptions, right?

It’s wise enough to spend a few extra bucks so you may save your loved ones in case of an emergency. Even if the hospital is just a few minutes away from your home, you should keep this device at your home because you can never predict the traffic situation in your area. For example, your loved one is suffering from cardiac arrest and you immediately call the ambulance for help.

And the ambulance operator tells you that he’s stuck in a traffic jam. How would feel in this situation? Nowadays, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused plenty of problems for everyone. And the ambulances are usually busy serving the patients in different locations. In this situation, the hospital staff is finding it quite difficult to handle emergency situations.

 So, it’s highly recommended to keep a portable defibrillator with you so you may ensure the safety of your loved ones in every condition.

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